What do Colours mean to you?

This week on my lovestream @leonamatuszak, I decided to speak about Colour and give an experience to my viewers by immersing them in the colours on my phone screen. It was very important to let go of the minds interpretation of the colour, let old presumptions go and just feel the colour in the moment. I took note of everyone’s responses in the comments after the broadcast and here are the very varied and creative results!

RED – hot, warm, happy, violent, unrelaxed, passion, fire, excited, energised

YELLOW– sunshine, bright, happy, overwhelm, gold, energised, nostalgic, money, warm, beach, abundance

BLUE (blue/grey on the camera) – calm, easy going, relaxed, soothing, chilled, optimistic

ORANGE (dark on the camera)- happy, fire, uncomfortable, sunset, uplifting, love

GREEN (mid on the camera) – grass, nature, summer, acidic, spring, tropical neon jungle, foliage, calm, football, leaves, northern lights, joy

PINK (magenta on the camera) – love, peace, uplifted, energised, radiant, pretty, repulsive, cheerful, optimistic, agitated

PURPLE – regal, opulent, serious, depressed, relaxing, childlike, psychic, supernatural, change, spiritual, fun, silly

Isn’t it interesting what the mind thinks a colour represents and then how it makes us feel – they are often two different things. In this experiment it was interesting to see how for different people, Magenta was repulsive, Yellow represented nostalgia and Purple felt like change. Our unconscious memories definitely play a role here, don’t they?

What are your favourite colours and how do they make you feel?

With my Warmest Wishes,

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