Free Mosaic Art Workshops in London

I am bringing my Mosaic Art Workshops to 2 local Festivals this Summer!
Both are suitable for absolute beginners, so come on down and give it a go!

The Cally Festival  – Sunday 17th June 2018
“Community Hub” within the festival, Caledonian Road, N1
FREE 30 minute Mosaic Workshops for young Adults and Adults.
There are 8 seats available at every 30 minutes, starting at 12.30pm and final slot at 3.30pm. (no workshop at 2.30-3pm)
NO booking required, just turn up!
(More info about the festival: )

Midsummer Muswell – Saturday 23rd June 2018
Inside St James Church, N10 3DB
FREE 90 minute Mosaic Workshops for Children aged 7+
12 seats for children from 2pm to 3.30pm
12 seats for children from 3.30pm to 5pm
FOR ADULTS: there will also be 2 seats available at both time slots for adults at £15pp. Pre book to guarantee your slot or drop in on the day and see what’s available. 
BOOKING REQUIRED, please email
(More info about the event: )

Until next time,

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Mosaic Art Classes – Spring 2018

BRAND NEW Mosaic Workshops!

Come and learn the ancient and easy Art of Mosaic, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Sat 24th February – Mosaic Art Class for beginners – children aged 8+ welcome with parents.

Sat 24th March – 3D Mosaic Class for all skill levels – adults only.

Would love to see you there!


With my Warmest Wishes,

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Adults Art Classes

Teaching adults is such a joy. Every Spring I teach a series classes to adults and this year the first Adults Class was Mosaic Art. Participants made a Door Number Plaque or Artwork for their home. They learnt the very basics techniques of Mosaic Art – a historic and simple process that is a delight to learn and easy to master in one class. Its wonderful to help adults relax and design their own Artwork based on materials they may have not even seen before. I always provide a huge selection of glass and ceramic tiles to choose from, which are hand prepared and cut prior to the workshop. Each participant was an absolute beginner, so it was great to help them start their Mosaic journey. Just have a look at what they produced below – in just 4 hours!

At the end of April I have a Mandala Making Class coming up! This one is Drawing and Painting Motifs, to create a circular pattern that radiates out from the centre. I’ll be taking my  Adults Colouring Book, Colour My Soul, to help inspire them. I’m looking forward to seeing what the participants come up with this time!

With Warm Wishes,

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The Muswell Hill Mosaic is nearly Complete!

Muswell Hill Mosaic

Its the end of August and the Mosaic for Muswell Hill, North London is nearly finished!

The final Mosaic Art Workshop with the Public is complete and I am so pleased with how its all turned out. Around 50 people of all ages, cultures and religions took part over 3 afternoons. The first workshop was part of the Midsummer Muswell Festival in June 2016, the second was 2 weeks later and the third was part of the final Summer Sessions in the Methodist Church, Pages Lane.

It’s so wonderful to provide an activity which transcends any barriers that people may have and make something beautiful together. Every person can be proud of their new found skill and feel a sense of ownership of the Artwork. I’ve had some wonderful feedback from the participants who are all excited for this new addition to St James square – something that will give Muswell Hill more community identity.

I’m looking forward to putting the very last few tiles down over the coming weeks and then we can finalise an installation date for October 2016. I’m looking forward to everyone admiring their creation regularly, once it is in its final position.

You can see all the photos from the Making of the Mosaic on My Facebook Page and some on my Instagram. A full gallery of images will be posted in the Gallery Section of this website, after the installation.

For details on the design of the Mosaic, please see the original post on the blog.

If you would like to donate to this Project, please do so here, thank you.

Stay tuned for a final update on when its installed and the big reveal!

With My Warm Wishes,

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Final Chance to be involved in making a Public Artwork for Muswell Hill!

Final Mosaic Workshops for the Public Artwork in Muswell Hill
Saturday 16th July 2016
The Methodist Church, Muswell Hill, N10 3PP
Choose from: 2pm to 4pm OR 4pm to 6pm
Suitable for Adults and Children aged 7+
Please read below on how to book your place.

I have designed and will facilitating the making of a large Mosaic Artwork for St James Square in Muswell Hill. The Artwork both names the square and features elements from the plasterwork, woodwork and stained glass windows of the Edwardian buildings in the area. We had a wonderful day as part of the Midsummer Muswell Festival last Saturday, starting off the Mosaic. Its coming on brilliantly, but we still have a little way to go! Please do come along – bring your children (7+) and your grandparents and lets finish this mosaic together!

This a donation-based activity. If you’ve been involved in any project like this with me before, you’ll know just how much materials are required plus the lengths of time it takes to prepare it for you to make such a beautiful piece of Art together. £5 is a great starting donation, thank you.


1- Choose between a 2pm to 4pm workshop
or the 4pm to 6pm workshop.

2- Email me to confirm your space on your preffered time slot.

3- Donate via the yellow button here to secure your place

Please note there are only *6 spaces for the 2pm to 4pm slot and 6 spaces for the 4pm to 6pm slot* so please get in touch as soon as you can. First come, first served.

Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you there!

With my Warmest Wishes,

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Community Mosaic for Muswell Hill

Come and take part in this amazing Art Project for the community!

Midsummer Muswell Festival 2016
Saturday 25th June 2016

Free Mosaic Workshops for the making of the Community Artwork,
St James Church, Muswell Hill, N10 3DB
1pm – 5.30pm.
Suitable for Adults and Children aged 7+
Please read below on how to book your place.

I am SO excited to tell you all about this amazing new Public Art Project!

I have designed and will facilitating the making of a large Mosaic Artwork for St James Square in Muswell Hill. The Artwork both names the square and features elements from the Edwardian buildings in the area (the plasterwork, woodwork and stained glass windows).  The decorative features were heavily influenced by the Greeks in the 1800’s. One of the common motifs in the area is a bunch of grapes which symbolises Prosperity and Longevity, so I have included them in the design.  The Artwork will be made of lots of hand cut ceramic tiles (hand cut by me!) that have been kindly donated by Topps Tiles, the U.K’s leading tile supplier. It will be permanently displayed in St James Square.

This Artwork is a celebration of the vibrant community in Muswell Hill and the stunning architecture of the area. It is my hope that it gives a sense of place, pride and ownership to all those that take part and enriches the lives of all those who pass it every day. The Project is self-initiated and self-funded. If you would like to donate to the making of this Artwork, you can do so in the donation box on the day, or send money via Paypal using the email

How to book:

1- If you want to just put 2 or 3 tiles down you can pop in anytime on the 25th June from 1pm to 5pm.

2- If you’d like to spend up to 1 hour mosaicing your own section of the Artwork, then you’ll need to choose from the time slots below:

1pm to 2pm
2pm to 3pm
3.30pm to 4.30pm
4.30pm to 5.30pm

and then email me to confirm the booking of your slot.

Please note there are only 6 spaces for each time slot, so please get in touch as soon as you can.

*** Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you there! ***

With my Warmest Wishes,

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Pushing against or Pulling towards your Creativity?

You know if you’re PUSHING to do your Creative work when:

1- It feels like you are making a lot of compromises (job is paying less or you have to do much more work than you thought)

2- It feels like a struggle

3- It feels like you’d rather be doing something else

4- It feels like you are over-thinking

5- You’re inner critic is getting its way!

6- You feel a bit stifled and stuck

7- You are often going back to old ways of doing things because you think they’ll work again (instead of growing out from what you’ve become)

8- You might have a headache (criticising yourself too much) or a stomach ache (not listening to your instinct)

9- You might find you are procrastinating (getting distracted) more than usual!

10- You might find you’ve developed a habit thats not benefitting you.

You know if you are BEING PULLED TOWARDS your Creative work when:

1- You are making it happen organically

2- You are doing it because you want to

3- It feels like you are in the flow

4- You are having lots of ideas

5- You are acting upon these ideas

6- You’re not thinking too hard

7- You aren’t listening to your inner critic

8- You feel like you are growing

9- You feel energised, enthusiastic and upbeat

10- It somehow feels like its calling you and its no effort to go through the process

How to go from ‘pushing against’ to ‘being pulled towards’ your Creative flow ->

Discover what it is that distracts you from your flow and become aware of it

Don’t try and stop doing it that distracting thing – just do something else to REPLACE it. For example with food, don’t try and not eat the thing that is unhealthy, just choose the healthier option instead. Same with your Art. Choose the better option – the one that uplifts you…or gets you across the bridge from push to pull with ease.

Reward yourself for breaking through the obstacle and setting yourself a new standard.

and bonus point 😉 ->

If you put this into process regularly, then the “pulling toward” feeling will eventually become a natural process.

When’s the last time you rewarded yourself for your Creative work?

Until next week – With my Warmest Wishes,

What do Colours mean to you?

This week on my lovestream @leonamatuszak, I decided to speak about Colour and give an experience to my viewers by immersing them in the colours on my phone screen. It was very important to let go of the minds interpretation of the colour, let old presumptions go and just feel the colour in the moment. I took note of everyone’s responses in the comments after the broadcast and here are the very varied and creative results!

RED – hot, warm, happy, violent, unrelaxed, passion, fire, excited, energised

YELLOW– sunshine, bright, happy, overwhelm, gold, energised, nostalgic, money, warm, beach, abundance

BLUE (blue/grey on the camera) – calm, easy going, relaxed, soothing, chilled, optimistic

ORANGE (dark on the camera)- happy, fire, uncomfortable, sunset, uplifting, love

GREEN (mid on the camera) – grass, nature, summer, acidic, spring, tropical neon jungle, foliage, calm, football, leaves, northern lights, joy

PINK (magenta on the camera) – love, peace, uplifted, energised, radiant, pretty, repulsive, cheerful, optimistic, agitated

PURPLE – regal, opulent, serious, depressed, relaxing, childlike, psychic, supernatural, change, spiritual, fun, silly

Isn’t it interesting what the mind thinks a colour represents and then how it makes us feel – they are often two different things. In this experiment it was interesting to see how for different people, Magenta was repulsive, Yellow represented nostalgia and Purple felt like change. Our unconscious memories definitely play a role here, don’t they?

What are your favourite colours and how do they make you feel?

With my Warmest Wishes,

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3 Insights into the ‘follow-up’ (to make it less painful)

Although you know its crucial, its usually much more difficult for us Creative folks to follow-up on new contacts. This is because you are putting a part of you (your work) out into the world and you can feel quite exposed. Rejection, Ridicule and Critiscim seem too close for comfort and the tendency for many Artists is to give up before they have really given themselves a fair chance.

Once you have made the decision to make some connections and initial contact has been made, the scariest thing often happens….not hearing anything back. This is where the follow-up comes in. I feel this process is what separates the successful artists from the unsuccessful ones. The ones who follow up are the most successful because they have given themselves more CHANCES to be. (Side note – By ’successful’ I mean making a living from making art form, in whichever way you feel is the highest and best for you).

Its important to remember that the most likely reason your contact(s) haven’t responded to you is they simply haven’t had time. So follow up. The benefits are obvious (more opportunities, paid work etc..), so lets look at my 3 insights to make this process less painful from now on.

My 3 Insights into the ‘follow-up’:

1- It shows them that you mean business. If they have seen your initial contact via email and then you follow up with a phone call, they know you are serious and someone they should take seriously. You have made the best professional impression you can and they should be open to what you have to say.

2- It shows them you are genuine. It shows you care about the connection you are trying to make with them. In the long term this is something you cannot fake and people resonate much more quickly with people who come across genuine…not because they are trying to be, just because they are.

3- It shows YOU something about THEM! You’re in the driving seat of your own life. You are making contact with them, which means you are in control. Find out if they are the company they say they are by speaking to someone and getting the relationship moving.

BONUS insight!

4- It shows YOU that you are BEING the person you want to be! You are Honouring yourself and your work by following through. You are doing what you set out to do. You are strong, determined and passionate about your Creative expression. These are personal characteristics that are highly honourable…be proud of yourself. Even if you are not getting the results you are looking for right now…keep on. You will.

With my Warm Wishes,

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3 Reasons why Completion is so important.

Completing a project is such a great feeling, but why do we leave so many projects unfinished? Maybe its because we have so many ideas and not enough time! Or maybe its because, somewhere, we are scared to follow through to that final step. There’s a great deal of uncertainty waiting at the end of a project which can be daunting. Maybe a previous experience is holding you back from completing your current project?

Whatever the details are of the situation, I’m here to give you 3 reasons why its SO important to finish your project, today!

Completing projects are all about Honouring yourself and your work. Honour means a deep sense of respect and almost a duty – a responsibility that you have been given, or chosen yourself. Honour yourself as an Artist and the work you produce. The world needs your Art just as much than you need to express yourself! Finishing projects is one way of honouring yourself, can you think of another?

Completing your Creative Project is just half of the story, isn’t it. It really is the most fun part so enjoy it to the maximum before its over – this moment won’t ever happen again (in exactly the same way). When you’ve finished its time to start promoting yourself and then receiving the sale(s). It’s where you’ll create some great connections with people who will champion what you’ve made. Promoting and Sales can also be a ton of fun if you do it in a way that feels good to you while still being educated on some best practices.

Don’t hold onto your Art. Let if flow. Not just while your making the work but the transitional process from piece to piece. If you feel its like a flow then you’ll enjoy it more. Plus you’ll be focusing on eagerly expecting the next project instead of being dragged down by finishing the current one. Be open to the flow because it will have some amazing new experiences and creations just waiting for you, but you have to allow it.


If you watch me on Periscope, you’ll know I love a bonus tip! So I’ll share one with you too 😉

Whens the last time you celebrated when you completed an artwork? It doesn’t have to be full of fanfares and loud music (although, it could be!) – celebrations can come in all forms – a catch-up meeting with a friend, a walk in a park, dinner at a restaurant – whatever works for you. But its important to mark the occasion. We can easily be caught up in whats going on in our lives and forget to take some time out to recognise ourselves for what we have achieved. I highly recommend celebrating all small achievements…it keeps you excited about moving forward to the next step in your creative development.

With Warm Wishes,

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