Everything worth doing, takes Time

It’s really hard trying to juggle all the commitments and responsibilities that we all have, so I wanted to offer you a moment here, to be with yourself and contemplate Time,  Creativity and being the beautiful Human Being that you are.

I invite you to simply relax and breathe. Just be with yourself and your own thoughts for one moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in slowly and exhale slowly. Ahhhhh! 🙂

Everything worth doing, takes Time, don’t you think?

Think of something that you hold importance to in your life. I am sure that whatever it is, its taken time to grow, nurture and develop. You hold it of value because its taken Time for you to cultivate. All our relationships, whether our partners, children, friends or family all take Time to nurture. In our work and personal lives, Successes, Failures, Emotional Blocks, Losses and Triumphs have all taken Time to grow or to heal. Thats why ALL of it is valuable. 

From what I’ve seen with all the people I have taught over the years, is that one of the most important and worthy things you can do with your Time is: CREATE. The only difference is that some have trained their creative ‘muscle’ and some haven’t. Some have seen the importance of Creativity and some simply haven’t. Some have realised that to Create anything in life

(a baby, a job, a relationship, a piece of art…) takes TIME.

I believe that because Time is in the very essence of Creativity, it holds immense value to us, now more than ever. In our fast paced, always-something-to-DO modes, we forget that we are human BE-ings (not human do-ings!). When we simply ‘just be’ and then Create from that place, truly beautiful things happen. We re-connect to who we truly are, we see magic in the everyday and we start trusting our unique point of view. We gain in confidence, we speak our truth and we become less afraid of shining our personal light. These values underpin the very reasons why I love teaching Creativity.

How do you feel that Creativity positively effects your life? What does it mean to you and how do you connect with it?
I’d love to know. If you can, take the Time today to have some peace with yourself. You never know what you might Create from those thoughts.
All Creation simply begins with a thought 🙂 

In the decade that I have been teaching, I have come to realise that not everyone can attend Classes or Events that I host, due to other commitments. So, I’m currently working on a series of Online Courses that will help you connect to your Creativity – in your own Time. You’ll learn various ways to express and cultivate your Creativity, from the emotional side of things to the practical skills, that will help in both your Personal and Business lives.

With Warm Wishes,

Weekly Live Stream


Hey Everyone

I am back on my Weekly Live Broadcasts now until June 2018!

Come and Get Inspired, Get Motivated and Chat all things Art!

Every Wednesday at:
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Hope to see you there!

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5 Reasons to Leave the Job you Hate!

Hi everyone!

Creatives in their early stages often struggle with Money VS Time. You have to pay the bills now, but you also want to do what you love and that takes TIME. We all need to financially support ourselves but this never means doing something you hate doing! Choose work that compliments your skills, not something that leaves you drained and uninspired.

Please enjoy the Brand New Video – 5 Reasons to Leave the Job you Hate!

This is the final week of my Empowered Artist Video Series – I hope you have enjoyed it and taken away some Inspiration.

If you are struggling with your Creative Career then remember I offer a 3 session programme called “Get in the Zone”.
In this programme you discover whats really holding you back and how to move on with joy, ease and to make more art more often!

I look forward to helping you Get Back in the Zone!

3 Quick tips on How to get Determined!

Hi guys!

This week it’s all about getting Determined!

We all need that fire in our belly – to help us keep momentum up and create the things we have always dreamed of!

Enjoy my 5 quick tips and tweet me @leonamatuszak to tell me which tip resonated with you the most.

With Much love,

How to Dissolve Disappointment

Its another week and another video!

Have you ever felt disappointed? Many Creatives struggle dealing with situations not going how they expected.

So, over the years I have developed a way to go beyond disappointment

This one is particularly close to my heart.

Remember I offer one to one support when you need it.



3 Reasons why Self Doubt Kills Creativity

Hi again!

I have a new video to share with you!

3 Reasons why Self Doubt Kills Creativity

It’s so important that we train ourselves to not listen to the doubtful voice in our head.

Find solutions to self doubt by watching the video.

See you next week.

With Warm Wishes,


3 Solutions to STOP being hard on yourself


Welcome to the 2nd Video in the “Empowered Artist”  video series for Creatives!

Each week for the next few weeks I will be sharing a video to inspire and motivate you to get back in the Creative Zone!

This week I give my top 3 Solutions on how to STOP being hard on yourself and keep on Creating.

Learn why Perfectionism is Negative and start being kinder to yourself every day.

Let me know which solution you are going to implement, today!


5 Reasons to Never Give Up!


Welcome to the “Empowered Artist” – a new video series for Creatives!

Each week for the next few weeks I will be sharing a video to inspire and motivate you to get back in the Creative Zone!

This week I give my 5 top reasons why it’s crucial to not give up on your project – or your Creativity in general!

Let me know which reason has inspired you to keep on creating!


How to Get Focused – Fast

Too many ideas – not enough time? 

Here are 3x simple solutions to get you focused – fast.

1- Write down everything you want to do first and then break it down into no more than 3 projects. Any more than that and your mind is too cluttered. If you have to give up a Project for now, do so. In order for you to properly commit to the most important things, a side project can wait.

2- Give yourself an Action Step or two for each one. Write down what you can do to got to the next step. Don’t worry about the bigger picture for now, the next step is all you need. When you have done that step, do the next and so forth.

3- Think about integrating complimentary activities that help you to “Get in the Zone” for your main projects. For example: exercise, meditation, walking, baking, listening to music – anything that gets you out of your mind for a bit and allows the mind clutter (“I should do this, I should be doing that”) to dissipate.

Bonus tip! GO DO your Action Steps Now!!! the time is now, there is never a “right time.”

Remember your Creativity is a valuable thing and honouring it will always make you feel good, every time.

Why be happy, when you can be fulfilled?

Why be happy, when you can be fulfilled?

Happiness – everyone wants it.

Everyone strives for it.

Pause and think about What makes you happy? Now think – What REALLY makes you happy?

Happiness is in moments, in objects, in things we do.

We all chase happiness even though we know its temporary.

In the uk, when asked “How are you?” the common answer is “not bad”

This infers that we are not bad, but we are not good either, we are in this kind of inbetween state – in the state of ‘getting there’.

If you get the object, or take the class or live for the happy moments – Happiness will change your state – for a while. All the other times you’ll be just “getting there”.

The point is is that its not LASTING.

Happiness, like sadness, doesn’t last forever.

However FULFILLMENT – lasts a lot longer than happiness – its a more rounded way of looking at things you do. Its a holistic way of looking at the person that you are and what choices you can make to express yourself more fully.

Why isn’t fulfilment the thing we chase?

Because getting quick fixes of happiness is EASY – You pay the money and you have your experience.

Fulfilment takes work. It takes dedication. It takes persistence and determination.

Fulfilment is like a commitment to consistent happiness, but its not wrapped up in good/bad like happy/sad. Its understanding.

Its understanding of consistency, that yes there will be the good and the bad and thats OK, because its all part of the whole. Its all part of the same thing; Your grand expression of yourself. 

Its my belief that if you commit to fulfilment, your life immediately has depth. You have purpose, intent and MEANING behind why you do things.

Don’t settle! Be all the things you want to be! Have all the things you want to have!

Ask yourself – What are you settling for right now that you could change?

Will you make a commitment to fulfilment today?

If you need help, remember I am there for one to one support via Skype. 

With Warm Wishes,