Everything worth doing, takes Time

It’s really hard trying to juggle all the commitments and responsibilities that we all have, so I wanted to offer you a moment here, to be with yourself and contemplate Time,  Creativity and being the beautiful Human Being that you are.

I invite you to simply relax and breathe. Just be with yourself and your own thoughts for one moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in slowly and exhale slowly. Ahhhhh! 🙂

Everything worth doing, takes Time, don’t you think?

Think of something that you hold importance to in your life. I am sure that whatever it is, its taken time to grow, nurture and develop. You hold it of value because its taken Time for you to cultivate. All our relationships, whether our partners, children, friends or family all take Time to nurture. In our work and personal lives, Successes, Failures, Emotional Blocks, Losses and Triumphs have all taken Time to grow or to heal. Thats why ALL of it is valuable. 

From what I’ve seen with all the people I have taught over the years, is that one of the most important and worthy things you can do with your Time is: CREATE. The only difference is that some have trained their creative ‘muscle’ and some haven’t. Some have seen the importance of Creativity and some simply haven’t. Some have realised that to Create anything in life

(a baby, a job, a relationship, a piece of art…) takes TIME.

I believe that because Time is in the very essence of Creativity, it holds immense value to us, now more than ever. In our fast paced, always-something-to-DO modes, we forget that we are human BE-ings (not human do-ings!). When we simply ‘just be’ and then Create from that place, truly beautiful things happen. We re-connect to who we truly are, we see magic in the everyday and we start trusting our unique point of view. We gain in confidence, we speak our truth and we become less afraid of shining our personal light. These values underpin the very reasons why I love teaching Creativity.

How do you feel that Creativity positively effects your life? What does it mean to you and how do you connect with it?
I’d love to know. If you can, take the Time today to have some peace with yourself. You never know what you might Create from those thoughts.
All Creation simply begins with a thought 🙂 

In the decade that I have been teaching, I have come to realise that not everyone can attend Classes or Events that I host, due to other commitments. So, I’m currently working on a series of Online Courses that will help you connect to your Creativity – in your own Time. You’ll learn various ways to express and cultivate your Creativity, from the emotional side of things to the practical skills, that will help in both your Personal and Business lives.

With Warm Wishes,

Weekly Live Stream


Hey Everyone

I am back on my Weekly Live Broadcasts now until June 2018!

Come and Get Inspired, Get Motivated and Chat all things Art!

Every Wednesday at:
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After the Live Broadcast, you can watch all the replays here: https://www.periscope.tv/LeonaMatuszak

Hope to see you there!

With Warm Wishes,

How to Get Focused – Fast

Too many ideas – not enough time? 

Here are 3x simple solutions to get you focused – fast.

1- Write down everything you want to do first and then break it down into no more than 3 projects. Any more than that and your mind is too cluttered. If you have to give up a Project for now, do so. In order for you to properly commit to the most important things, a side project can wait.

2- Give yourself an Action Step or two for each one. Write down what you can do to got to the next step. Don’t worry about the bigger picture for now, the next step is all you need. When you have done that step, do the next and so forth.

3- Think about integrating complimentary activities that help you to “Get in the Zone” for your main projects. For example: exercise, meditation, walking, baking, listening to music – anything that gets you out of your mind for a bit and allows the mind clutter (“I should do this, I should be doing that”) to dissipate.

Bonus tip! GO DO your Action Steps Now!!! the time is now, there is never a “right time.”

Remember your Creativity is a valuable thing and honouring it will always make you feel good, every time.

3 Reasons Why Self-Doubt Kills Creativity

There is definitely no doubt that self-doubt is a Creativity Killer. Its probably the number one thing that holds us Creatives apart from what we REALLY want to create and achieve. So lets get clear with what self-doubt is, what it does to us and then we can put some solutions into practice.

1 – Self-Doubt is another form of over-analysis

Being over-anaylitical and critical of yourself leads to being over-anaylitical and critical of your Art, which leads to doubting your capabilities. There is nothing wrong with analysis (it’s part of the process), unless your Art suffers because of it. Analysis and Creativity are two different energies and they operate in different ways. Don’t let your analysis come into your flow-state, it will hurt it. Seek ways in which to separate the two. Honour them both.

SOLUTION – Choose to analysis yourself when you are feeling you CANNOT create, to help you get back there. Choose to analyse your work when you have competed a certain time-frame or stage where you feel comfortable to stop. 

2- Self Doubt Thwarts your Creative Process

Self doubt literally stops you from making anything. The more we listen to it, the more power we give it and the less Art we make. The only way to master your Creativity is persistence. Keep going and keep doing something towards your Vision as often as you can. Putting your over-anylitical brain to the side is the first step and now its time to start giving less power to the self-doubt talk by making more Creative time.

SOLUTION  – Schedule Creative time into your diary –  it will not get done otherwise. Schedule at least once a week, or even better once every other day to start off, to commit to your work. Create a new pattern for yourself. 

3- Self doubt wrecks your Confidence 

Self doubt takes TIME to grow. It takes time to come from your sub conscious into your conscious and then it will wreck your life… slowly, but surely diminishing your dreams. The more you listen to your self doubt talk, the worse you feel. The first step is to notice what you are doing when you are listening to your self-doubt. Are you biting your nails, watching re-runs on T.V, drinking or eating too much? Understand that just as it takes time for self-doubt to grow, it also takes time for Confidence to build up. Your confidence is really shaped by what you do. Its shaped by the choices you make from moment to moment. Your confidence WILL come, but you have to put in the time.

SOLUTION – Start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, daily. Develop beneficial habits that help you stay in your creative flow. Also, make time to do something different that will help your Creativity alongside your Art. Not putting all your emphasis on one expression will help you to re-focus when you go back there. Creative people often have more than one talent. Spread your wings, you are amazing! What else can you do?

Not sure you can do this alone? Need someone to help you keep accountable for your progress? Or do you have some deeper issues preventing you from moving forward? It would be my pleasure to help you. Please visit my Creativity Coaching Page to find out more.

Until next time,

With Warm Wishes,

3 reasons to be Grateful for what you don’t have

Be grateful for what you have AND what you DON’T have – Sounds CRAZY doesn’t it! Why be grateful for something that hasn’t happened yet? Or for something you haven’t received yet?

Most of us are taught to be grateful for what we have and many of us know how powerful it is to be grateful/to be appreciative. It literally changes our mood in an instant. However, what about the things or situations that you want, that haven’t happened yet?

If you are not practicing being grateful for what you don’t have, then you are trapped in LACK  and what you want will not come to you anytime soon (you’ll just get more lack).


Don’t get trapped in WANTING – wanting is a lack trap! 

So lets get grateful. Here are my 3 reasons to be grateful for what you don’t have:

1- It makes you trust yourself and your own situation.
Know that it’s coming – remember my favourite quote “Committed attention attracts supply”. Committed attention to your creativity attracts more of it. You create your own life. Everything you want can be yours, you just gotta get out of the way! Quiet the mind – do some colouring!

2- Puts you slap bang in the present moment.
It empowers you, with no worries and no fear about if this will happen or that will happen (side note- you can’t irradicate fear, so dance with the fear instead). Know that things/situations that you want are coming, but deal with them from the NOW. “Enjoy before intergration?’ commented An9el on Periscope, which reminded  me of the quote— “Do what you are inspired to do first and everything else later”. Get that good ‘flow’ first and use the good flow to do the things you’re not keen on doing.

3- It brings out your Resourceful side.
On a practical note, makes you prepared — find multiple solutions to things/situations. (“Be proactive not reactive” commented @prismtrail on Periscope). Honour yourself as an Artist. Creative and making things happen in the best way for you! Make life happen FOR you and not to you. “You will have everything life wants you to have” echoed @iammax on Periscope. Just do what you want to do in baby steps and congratulate yourself along the way.

Here’s what else my viewers added to this conversation:

“Make your life count and make your life matter for the good” – @bigrayink

“Don’t get caught in the lack trap and blame it on mishaps’ – @aglamplan

“Baby steps turn into big alignments” – @amyflanagan

“Just taking a step can begin the momentum” – @prismtrail

“You have to own these feelings, no denial, then address and then go on in peace” @amyflanagan

Will you be grateful for what you don’t have?

With my Warmest Wishes,

Contrasting Colours (Colour Theory)

Its great to top up your knowledge on Colour Theory, so that you have wealth of information to call on when you need it. I have always been hugely influenced by Colour. You can see it strongly throughout all my work from Sculpture, Mosaic and Painting. This week on Periscope, we discussed the 7 types of Contrasting colours as outlined in “Itten -The Elements of Colour” (a treatise on the colour system on Johannes Itten – The art of colour, published in 1961). Hugely important for all kinds of visual artists from set designers to digital artists.

7 types of Contrasting Colours

1- Hue. The most contrasting colours are Red, Blue and Yellow (as they are primary) followed by Green, Purple and Orange (as the secondary colours are less vivid). If you contrast any of these with Black and White you also get a bold contrast effect.

2- Light/Dark. Placing a lighter colour against a darker colour produces a contrast and of course Black and White would be the strongest. When you mix any colour with White to get lighter or mix with black to get darker, you get an infinite amount of grey tones which produce shades (using black) or tints (using white).

3- Warm/Cool. Yellows, Oranges, Reds and Pinks are warm colours and Greens, blues and Purples are cool colours (although purple can lean more to warm if it is a more red purple). Putting warm colours and cool colours together produce great contrasting effects.

4- Complementary. Complementary colours are some of the most invaluable colour combinations that we have. Appearing on opposite ends of the colour wheel, Contrasting colour combinations are intense and dynamic.  Orange & blue, Green & Red, Purple & Yellow are the three main complementaries.

5- Simultaneous. This type of contrasting colour is interesting because its where we begin to see slight optical illusions. Simultaneous contrasting is the fact that when you see one colour, your eye also generates its complimentary colour. You can see this as evident when you place a neutral colour such as grey next to your colour. Within this grey you begin to see tinges of the complimentary colour. Its so fascinating!

6- Saturation. This type of contrast is based on the vividness of a colour. The most effective contrast being the most vivid of a colour and the least vivid. The colour is usually mixed with varying amounts of grey tones, to produce what I like to call ‘dusky’ colours.

7- Extension. This is the most complex of all the types of contrasts. Contrast of Extension means the proportion of two or more colours next to each other. For example, if you had a large green circle and within it, a small red circle, the red circle is contrasting to the green because it seems so much more vivid, even though it is smaller, because of its powerful hue.

I asked my viewers what their favourite complimentary colour pairing was and the majority chose the pairing of blue-green and orange-red. You can see that pairing across the centre of the colour wheel above.

What your favourite?

Until next week. With Warm Wishes,

Pushing against or Pulling towards your Creativity?

You know if you’re PUSHING to do your Creative work when:

1- It feels like you are making a lot of compromises (job is paying less or you have to do much more work than you thought)

2- It feels like a struggle

3- It feels like you’d rather be doing something else

4- It feels like you are over-thinking

5- You’re inner critic is getting its way!

6- You feel a bit stifled and stuck

7- You are often going back to old ways of doing things because you think they’ll work again (instead of growing out from what you’ve become)

8- You might have a headache (criticising yourself too much) or a stomach ache (not listening to your instinct)

9- You might find you are procrastinating (getting distracted) more than usual!

10- You might find you’ve developed a habit thats not benefitting you.

You know if you are BEING PULLED TOWARDS your Creative work when:

1- You are making it happen organically

2- You are doing it because you want to

3- It feels like you are in the flow

4- You are having lots of ideas

5- You are acting upon these ideas

6- You’re not thinking too hard

7- You aren’t listening to your inner critic

8- You feel like you are growing

9- You feel energised, enthusiastic and upbeat

10- It somehow feels like its calling you and its no effort to go through the process

How to go from ‘pushing against’ to ‘being pulled towards’ your Creative flow ->

Discover what it is that distracts you from your flow and become aware of it

Don’t try and stop doing it that distracting thing – just do something else to REPLACE it. For example with food, don’t try and not eat the thing that is unhealthy, just choose the healthier option instead. Same with your Art. Choose the better option – the one that uplifts you…or gets you across the bridge from push to pull with ease.

Reward yourself for breaking through the obstacle and setting yourself a new standard.

and bonus point 😉 ->

If you put this into process regularly, then the “pulling toward” feeling will eventually become a natural process.

When’s the last time you rewarded yourself for your Creative work?

Until next week – With my Warmest Wishes,

Why is Creativity Important?

Why is Creativity so important?

There must be 100 reasons why Creativity is so important – Creativity is the very stuff of life itself. On my Create, Elevate, Celebrate show this week, I discussed my top 3 reasons with the Periscope viewers. Then they came up with their own reasons too.

Here’s my top 3 reasons why Creativity is Important:

1- Seeing things from different perspectives.

Creatives have the innate skill of being great problem solvers. We see things in different ways, making us have unique ways of looking at the world. Its these ways of seeing that transform ourselves, each other and our societies. Creativity is also another word for resourcefulness. We can be resourceful in our art form and even more than that, we can be resourceful in different aspect of our lives. Problem solving a situation is the same process as problem solving for the best Creative Solution.

2- Taking Risks.

Think of the moment as you approach the blank canvas, the empty stage or the empty screen. Its a moment loaded with vunerability. To even allow yourself to start is honourable as its the result of you deciding to take a risk. Exploring your creative idea is risky too…you can go through each step and ride all manner of emotions, all of which could be too much for some. However once you’ve done it a few times, your creativity calls you back again to play with it. You feel better. You grow a bit more each time. You become more and more courageous.

3- Connection.

Our Artwork connects us to ourselves, it shows us a deeper part of ourselves to give us a greater understanding. It connects us to our intuition and helps us build trust. When you feel like you are ‘in the zone’ you have trusted yourself enough to let go of your critical voice and leap forward into the unknown. Our Creativity also connects us to others which is immensely valuable to both us and them. For us it can be a greater sense of belonging, acknowledgement and appreciation. For others it can show them another way of looking at themselves, the world or to simply find more beauty and joy in their lives.

Here’s the reasons why Creativity is so important to my Periscope viewers:

– “Creativity is important because it makes a person an individual”

– “Because it will last longer than I do”

– “I will explode if I didn’t create”

– “I’m a stay at home mum it keeps me sane

– “Creativity leads to a successful life”

– “Creativity is important because it makes me feel alive

– “Creativity is important because it gives me purpose

– “Creativity is important  because it gives you your own voice

– “Creativity is important because it gives us a legacy

– “Its a gift from God that gives me chance to serve others, it thereapuetic and gives me joy”

– “Creativity is a way to document your life”

– “Would feel lost without being creative”

– “The process of bringing seemingly nothing into something

– “Helps inspire young and new artists making the world less plain and more beautiful

– “Because it relaxes me”

– “Because its fun

Why is Creativity important to You?

With Warmest Wishes,

What do Colours mean to you?

This week on my lovestream @leonamatuszak, I decided to speak about Colour and give an experience to my viewers by immersing them in the colours on my phone screen. It was very important to let go of the minds interpretation of the colour, let old presumptions go and just feel the colour in the moment. I took note of everyone’s responses in the comments after the broadcast and here are the very varied and creative results!

RED – hot, warm, happy, violent, unrelaxed, passion, fire, excited, energised

YELLOW– sunshine, bright, happy, overwhelm, gold, energised, nostalgic, money, warm, beach, abundance

BLUE (blue/grey on the camera) – calm, easy going, relaxed, soothing, chilled, optimistic

ORANGE (dark on the camera)- happy, fire, uncomfortable, sunset, uplifting, love

GREEN (mid on the camera) – grass, nature, summer, acidic, spring, tropical neon jungle, foliage, calm, football, leaves, northern lights, joy

PINK (magenta on the camera) – love, peace, uplifted, energised, radiant, pretty, repulsive, cheerful, optimistic, agitated

PURPLE – regal, opulent, serious, depressed, relaxing, childlike, psychic, supernatural, change, spiritual, fun, silly

Isn’t it interesting what the mind thinks a colour represents and then how it makes us feel – they are often two different things. In this experiment it was interesting to see how for different people, Magenta was repulsive, Yellow represented nostalgia and Purple felt like change. Our unconscious memories definitely play a role here, don’t they?

What are your favourite colours and how do they make you feel?

With my Warmest Wishes,

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3 Insights into the ‘follow-up’ (to make it less painful)

Although you know its crucial, its usually much more difficult for us Creative folks to follow-up on new contacts. This is because you are putting a part of you (your work) out into the world and you can feel quite exposed. Rejection, Ridicule and Critiscim seem too close for comfort and the tendency for many Artists is to give up before they have really given themselves a fair chance.

Once you have made the decision to make some connections and initial contact has been made, the scariest thing often happens….not hearing anything back. This is where the follow-up comes in. I feel this process is what separates the successful artists from the unsuccessful ones. The ones who follow up are the most successful because they have given themselves more CHANCES to be. (Side note – By ’successful’ I mean making a living from making art form, in whichever way you feel is the highest and best for you).

Its important to remember that the most likely reason your contact(s) haven’t responded to you is they simply haven’t had time. So follow up. The benefits are obvious (more opportunities, paid work etc..), so lets look at my 3 insights to make this process less painful from now on.

My 3 Insights into the ‘follow-up’:

1- It shows them that you mean business. If they have seen your initial contact via email and then you follow up with a phone call, they know you are serious and someone they should take seriously. You have made the best professional impression you can and they should be open to what you have to say.

2- It shows them you are genuine. It shows you care about the connection you are trying to make with them. In the long term this is something you cannot fake and people resonate much more quickly with people who come across genuine…not because they are trying to be, just because they are.

3- It shows YOU something about THEM! You’re in the driving seat of your own life. You are making contact with them, which means you are in control. Find out if they are the company they say they are by speaking to someone and getting the relationship moving.

BONUS insight!

4- It shows YOU that you are BEING the person you want to be! You are Honouring yourself and your work by following through. You are doing what you set out to do. You are strong, determined and passionate about your Creative expression. These are personal characteristics that are highly honourable…be proud of yourself. Even if you are not getting the results you are looking for right now…keep on. You will.

With my Warm Wishes,

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