5 Reasons to Never Give Up!


Welcome to the “Empowered Artist” – a new video series for Creatives!

Each week for the next few weeks I will be sharing a video to inspire and motivate you to get back in the Creative Zone!

This week I give my 5 top reasons why it’s crucial to not give up on your project – or your Creativity in general!

Let me know which reason has inspired you to keep on creating!


3 reasons to be Grateful for what you don’t have

Be grateful for what you have AND what you DON’T have – Sounds CRAZY doesn’t it! Why be grateful for something that hasn’t happened yet? Or for something you haven’t received yet?

Most of us are taught to be grateful for what we have and many of us know how powerful it is to be grateful/to be appreciative. It literally changes our mood in an instant. However, what about the things or situations that you want, that haven’t happened yet?

If you are not practicing being grateful for what you don’t have, then you are trapped in LACK  and what you want will not come to you anytime soon (you’ll just get more lack).


Don’t get trapped in WANTING – wanting is a lack trap! 

So lets get grateful. Here are my 3 reasons to be grateful for what you don’t have:

1- It makes you trust yourself and your own situation.
Know that it’s coming – remember my favourite quote “Committed attention attracts supply”. Committed attention to your creativity attracts more of it. You create your own life. Everything you want can be yours, you just gotta get out of the way! Quiet the mind – do some colouring!

2- Puts you slap bang in the present moment.
It empowers you, with no worries and no fear about if this will happen or that will happen (side note- you can’t irradicate fear, so dance with the fear instead). Know that things/situations that you want are coming, but deal with them from the NOW. “Enjoy before intergration?’ commented An9el on Periscope, which reminded  me of the quote— “Do what you are inspired to do first and everything else later”. Get that good ‘flow’ first and use the good flow to do the things you’re not keen on doing.

3- It brings out your Resourceful side.
On a practical note, makes you prepared — find multiple solutions to things/situations. (“Be proactive not reactive” commented @prismtrail on Periscope). Honour yourself as an Artist. Creative and making things happen in the best way for you! Make life happen FOR you and not to you. “You will have everything life wants you to have” echoed @iammax on Periscope. Just do what you want to do in baby steps and congratulate yourself along the way.

Here’s what else my viewers added to this conversation:

“Make your life count and make your life matter for the good” – @bigrayink

“Don’t get caught in the lack trap and blame it on mishaps’ – @aglamplan

“Baby steps turn into big alignments” – @amyflanagan

“Just taking a step can begin the momentum” – @prismtrail

“You have to own these feelings, no denial, then address and then go on in peace” @amyflanagan

Will you be grateful for what you don’t have?

With my Warmest Wishes,

5 Reasons NOT to give up

As Artists we all go through wanting to give up at some stage. It can be right before the end of a project (when your hearts already set on the next one) or just after someone gives you some negative criticism for something you made.

All sorts of situations that trigger this feeling but remember, this is completely natural and you should definielty NOT listen to that doubtful voice in your head. Do something different to clear your mind for a while, but NEVER give up on what you have set out to do.

Here are my top 5 reasons why it is CRUCIAL never to give up.

1- Expressing yourself is ESSENTIAL for your wellbeing. You were born to do this. Your creative expression is what you are here for. It makes you feel good (most of the time!). Its what you value. Its in the core of your being. To deny it is to deny yourself. Keep going.

2- You are an inspiration to your family. My guess is your the one who breaks convention in your family. You’re the one who sets life on your own terms. I also guess that some of your family members are inspired by you. Even if they have never told you. Carry on.

3- You are an inspiration to your friends. You naturally attract friends who are like you in some way. Chances are a few of your friends look up to you for the way you live your life, or admire your creative talents. Your friends are fantastic allies through the creative journey. Onwards!

4- You are an inspiration to people you don’t know. People who are interested in what you do, including your clients are completely inspired by you. Thats why they want to be around you or want to buy from you. Wonderful, Keep it up.

5- The World NEEDS your creativity. The world needs more heart centred and expressive people who share their talents for their own and other peoples benefit. For me, this is exactly what a true Artist is…and what a great human being is too! Pick yourself up and carry on because as Rumi once said, “What you Seek is Seeking you.” Just trust in the process.

With my Warmest Wishes,

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