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Leona makes Custom Mosaic Signs featuring the words or numbers of your choice. These are some of the most recent ones and available in the shop to purchase. Please contact Leona for a sign to your specifications.

Muswell Hill Mosaic

The Muswell Hill Mosaic was designed and facilitated by Leona. The design is based on the exterior features of the Edwardian buildings in the area. Around 50 local residents took part across 3 making days, the first of which was the Midsummer Muswell. The ‘unveiling’ took place on the 3rd Dec. 2016 at A very Merry Muswell event.

East Finchley Mosaic

The East Finchley Mosaic was Designed and Facilitated by Leona and Created by 30 people who had never mosaiced before. It marked the acceptance of a 35 year site lease and was opened by Jeremy Corbyn, M.P.

Mile End Park Sculptural Seats

4 Sculptural Seats Designed, Built and Installed by Leona. Designed Site-Specifically for the ‘Artspark’ in Mile End Park. “The Seats were exactly what the Artspark needed! How well they have lasted given they were intended for a six month installation. I always believed that they were the start of the transformation of that area which has developed beyond recognition.” Michael Rowan, former Director of Mile End Park.

Colour My Soul is a Conscious Colouring book featuring 31 hand drawn designs by Leona. Accompanying each Artwork is a Meditation and Declaration to compliment the theme. The result is an interactive guide that you can use for Empowered Reflection. More info.

Leona has Designed and Facilitated the Creation of Giant Animals with the Communities of various London Festivals including the Cally Festival and Kilburn Festival. See Artists Resource for more info.


A selection of Paintings, Drawings and Mosaics that Leona has made as part of her personal collection.

A selection of Weekend Projects designed & facilitated by Leona and made at Community Events in London. The ‘Harmony’ mosaic was installed at the entrance Lordship Recreation Ground and The Sunshine mosaic was installed in a Cafe in Downhills Park – both in Tottenham, North London.

Leona runs Artists Resource, where she facilitates her own Art and Craft Projects for Adults and Children. For more information please go to

Film Work

Leona has worked in the Art Department on various short films, a feature film and a music video. Roles have included Art Direction and Prop Making. Film genres have been mainly Science Fiction and Drama. She is currently part of Denman Pictures as Art Director.