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Colour My Soul

Colour My Soul

A Conscious Colouring Book by Leona Matuszak.

31 hand-drawn Artworks for you to Colour.

Under each Artwork there is its Title, a Meditation and a Declaration. The Meditation gives some description to what the Artwork symbolises. The Declaration is an empowering statement to accompany it.

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There’s a few different ways that you can make this book your own.
You can:

– Go through the book from one Artwork to the next, in the order that they are presented.
– Sit with the book for a few minutes and then turn to any page that you feel drawn to.
– Colour inside the box, or extend the lines and Colour all over the page!
– Explore the concepts within the Meditation during Colouring and become ‘Conscious’ of the theme as you colour it in.
– Cover up the Meditations and discover what the Artworks mean for you first.
–  State the Declarations out loud, to help embody the theme

This collection of Mandalas for Empowered Reflection is a strong tool to aid Personal Development. 

Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

“I love “Colour My Soul” because its all about Soul Searching”
Tammy, U.S.A.
“Colour My Soul is such relaxing therapy, the whole process is wonderful. I’ve used paints, coloured pencils and even dried flowers to embellish the drawings. I am having fun loosing myself in the creative designs, and heart encouraging words. Thank you”
Barbara, England, U.K.
“I love this coloring book. I love how all of the coloring patterns has a meaning. This book has turned into my “go to” when I feel stressed out, and need some me-time!”
Amy, Norway.
“Its a treasure chest for potential colour”
Jean, England, U.K.
“The Color My Soul adult coloring book is so beautiful and relaxing. I love the little meditations that go with each picture. And the bonus of having a community to color with and share your work is amazing. I am so glad I found Leona. She has taken coloring to the next level”
Diana, U.S.A.
“Thanks for re-invigorating my love of colouring!
I can’t think of anything that would calm me better than coloring in your book. ”
Chris, U.S.A.
“Thankyou So very much for the Colour My Soul colouring book,and your lovely dedication. I am thrilled with it and can’t wait to press the ignition button and let my creative juices start flowing. ”
Lynda, England, U.K.