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Start living life on your terms!

Do you want to express your creative talents but not sure where to start? Have you abandoned or blocked your Creativity? Or do you want to transition from the 9-5, to the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Leona offers 90 minute Coaching Sessions to help you understand and transform your current situation, into an exciting Creative life that you are eager to live everyday!

Leona will take you through a series of simple and powerful techniques in each Session. Each technique builds on the last and is tailored to suit what you are specifically wanting to change.

The Techniques are designed to help you:

  • Understand whats holding you back

  • Transform old beliefs and habits and

  • Immediately propel you into living the vibrant Creative life you want – on your terms.

All of the techniques will inspire and energise you naturally, so be prepared to have some fun and get results! Creative Coaching sessions put you in the driving seat of your own life. Forget about trying to motivate yourself as we’ll explore your authentic self and what you really care about. Once you feel the ease of being attuned to your own ways of expressing yourself, you’ll be able to overcome your hurdles and face new situations with strength and clarity. The techniques that you’ll take part in will get to the core of your issue and transform it, so you are empowered to express your Creativity to the full.

You can choose from either a one off Portfolio Session, or the three session “Get in the Zone” Programme that Leona has specifically designed. It is highly recommended that sessions are once a week. Remember, Creativity is a process and it is essential that you are willing to allow yourself to develop over a period of time. Leona has titled her 3 core sessions “Get in the Zone” because right from the start, you will gain more enthusiasm to get right back in your Creative Zone… and stay there, consistently! Book it today and start creating a life that you love.

If you are in London, UK, Leona can come to you. If you are located outside London you can easily enjoy the sessions via Skype. Please have a hardback notebook to make notes in during and after the sessions.

  • In “Portfolio” sessions with Leona you will discuss your work and look at strategies to increase your workflow and/or create more income streams.
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A few of the Experiences & Results of previous Clients:

“If you need direction, motivation and encouragement, Leona will inspire you to achieve! She is dynamic and rejuvenating, and her sparkle certainly rubs off! My creative project that has been on the back burner for the last 10 years and has finally had life breathed back into it. I forever grateful to Leona for making my dreams a reality!”
Vanya Silverten, Master Intuitive Healer, London
“In three sessions, she transformed and broke through through a long-term block I have had in respect of my creativity and writing. I now have practical, achievable steps to take which I have already started working on – my walls are now covered in ideas! – and I have learned techniques which I can apply myself when I need to. 
Leona has shown me how to bring my goals into the active present, rather than having them continue to drift off into the limbo of “one day.” If you have something specific that needs shifting and you are out of ideas, Leona will provide the boost you need to get back into flow, and stay there.”
Nina, Author, London
“Words would really fall short if I tell about the benefits of Leona’s service and offering me the amazingly effective “Get in the zone” method. Leona tailored her techniques fitting with my situations very effectively. She made me feel very comfortable to share my feelings with her in a very professional manner. She helped me recognise my own strengths, my true desires and my fear of achieving what I truly deserve. She was so very lively and cheerful at the same time very sensitive, motivating and inspiring throughout the sessions. I got lots of tips from her about making my career decisions. She was the first person who introduced me with the term “portfolio career” and told me this could be my appropriate perspective to shift my perspective about my career. I enjoyed the “closed and opened eye” techniques, I am already working on my goal setting and following her many instructions/tips in overcoming the issue and keep on the right track thereafter. Many of her techniques already boosted my confidence and drove me instantly to make use of the opportunities I already have. Leona is not only a very effective creative and wellbeing coach but a great human being too. I am very grateful.”
Kasana, SEN Teacher, London.
“I thought I knew everything there was to know about affirmations to create the life I wanted and to be full of joy. However, after participating in Leona’s programme I realised that what I was missing was the guidance and encouragement to achieve my goals. Leona’s professional and down to earth approach provided me with the techniques and tools I needed to create the life I wanted. She is an uplifting, clear and concise. She taught me to break away from old existing beliefs systems I had embedded into my mind and showed me fun techniques to ground new beliefs in order to change my life! After years of trying, I am now changing and everyday I feel lighter and closer to the life I want.
Leona is committed to helping others achieve their dreams. Her sessions, provides clear, simple, guidance to developing the life you have always dreamed of achieving! I recommend it to anyone who wants greater flow and joy in any area of their lives!”
Elaine, Master Craftsperson in Leather Goods, London