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About Leona

Leona is a Visual Artist based in London, U.K. She specialises in Mosaic, Sculpture and Drawing. She has a bold use of colour and draws inspiration from Historical Tile work, Parks and Gardens, Sacred Sites such as Stone Circles and Plant life. Leona’s work has a strong emphasis on participation, feeling that the process of making Art is important for personal development and great for bringing people together in their community.

After completing a Foundation in Art and Design, Leona graduated with a degree in Applied Arts in 2001. She has since set up a business teaching Art and Crafts called Artists Resource, has worked on various short films and a feature film in the Art Department and also coaches people on how to get back into their Creative ‘Zone’.

Leona completed a major Public Artwork for Muswell Hill, North London in December 2016. The Muswell Hill Mosaic was made by around 50 participants over a series of events and is now permanently displayed in St James Square. Leona has designed and facilitated the making of a large Community Mosaic in east Finchley, of which the local MP Jeremy Corbyn opened in 2014. Leona has an online shop, where she accepts commissions for bespoke Mosaic Signs.

You can see Leona’s first site-specific project in Mile End Park, East London, where she designed and built four curvaceous Sculptural Seats which are a permanent installation that you can still visit today. The Sculptures are primarily made from cement, with an inner core of polystyrene to make them light enough to transport, but thick enough for durability. They are painted with high quality masonry paint and only require re-painting every few years. Leona plans on making more of these in the future.

Leona released her Conscious Colouring book in March 2016 called ‘Colour My Soul’ . She had been working on a series of Drawings since 2012, developing concepts that finally turned into Artworks to aid personal development. As you colour the Artworks within the book, you become “Conscious” of these concepts within you, as you colour. She calls this process “Conscious Colouring”.

For commissions or more information, please email Leona or call 07905 603 332.